Terms and Conditions


The online courses are groups of video lessons, notes and attachments ("lesson files") that the student can follow at her/his own pace, watch as many times as wanted and download the lesson files to do the exercises.

Duration. After purchase, access to the course is free and unlimited for 2 (two) years. The access is provided through a personal account on this site. Each account must be used by only one person. It is not allowed to share account and password.

During the purchase process you'll be asked to create an account to whom the access will be provided. If you already have an account, you can make an order while logged in. In this case, the access will be given to that account and no new account will be created.

Once associated to an account, the course cannot be transferred to another one. The videos must be watched while connected to the web site, it is not allowed to download them. However, the lesson files are freely downloadable from the lesson page and the student can use them to do the exercises on his/her own computer.

You should not:

  • Try to circumvent or disable the access control mechanisms configured on this site.
  • Use any kind of software to record or download the videos to offline storage.
  • Share or broadcast any content that make part of the course (video and lesson files) to others.
  • Share your username and password to give access to other people.

For other technical information it is recommended to read the Technical Specifications and Instructions.


All course material - including videos, models, images and files - remain the intellectual property of Claudia Del Priore, and the user is granted a personal license to use it for training purposes only. It is not permitted to make any commercial use of them, such as copying, transferring to third parties, or use the images and 3D models of the course in any other context than one's own training and study.


By making purchases on this site the customer is hereby informed that the online courses are digital content, and their delivery is completed at the moment the user accesses for the first time any of the lessons. According to current EU regulations, customer has the right of withdrawal within 14 days from concluding the contract for online digital content. However, once you start downloading or streaming the content you may no longer withdraw from the purchase.

To withdraw from a purchase and request the refund, customer should contact us using the customer support form, specifying:

  • Customer name
  • Order number

Whenever the right of withdrawal is applicable, all payments made by customer will be refunded within 14 days from the request and access to the course will be disabled.


Two payment methods are available for the client to choose: Paypal and Wire Transfer.

Paypal: During the checkout process, the customer will be directed to the Paypal payment page where the payment information should be provided. For this step on the purchase process the Paypal terms, conditions and privacy rules apply. Usually Paypal allows the "guest payment" (no need to create a Paypal account) with credit card, but this possibility is subject to change by Paypal. If you have a Paypal account, you can obviously use your Paypal balance to pay for the purchase. Once the Paypal payment is completed, access to the course is immediately available.

Wire Transfer: Check this option before placing your order, and then follow the instructions on the email you receive after the order. You should send the Wire Transfer to the specified banking coordinates and send us an email with the receipt. The access to the course will be enabled within 48 hours after the money is credited in our account.

For international customers (specially if outside the EU) we suggest using Paypal whenever possible, because Wire Transfers are not immediate and we cannot be responsible for the time the banks take to transfer the funds. Also, the customer should pay for all transaction costs his bank charges.