Claudia Del Priore

With a degree in Engineering, she studied "Jewel Design" during 2010-2011 in Vicenza on the "Scuola Orafa di Vicenza", where she learned the instruments for freehand design, styling techniques and design for production specifications.

While creating her freehand designs, she made contact with the 3D technology. She started to self-study the various alternatives and in 2011 did a course of Rhinoceros at the Mohole school in Milan.

This knowledge, together with a continuous learning approach, allows her to design high-precision jewels, with an excellent visual presentation for the objects. To complete her education, she attended the Level II Rhinoceros course at McNeel Europe headquarters in Barcelona (Spain), where she obtained the ART (Authorized Rhino Trainer) qualification.

In 2012 she started her business activity, with two lines: the first, to offer 3D design services (jewel design and collection development) to jewellery sector companies and individuals; the second, to offer high quality training courses on jewel modeling and Rhinoceros.

In 2019, she underwent the Rhinoceros software recertification process, thus maintaining her ART (Authorized Rhino Trainer) qualification.