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The designer Claudia Del Priore runs her activity aiming to offer excellence in 3D modelling services for jewellery and shoe design. Specialized for many years in 3-dimensional jewel design, recently has started to apply her knowledge to the footwear industry. She seeks to be always up-to-date with the latest trends from both the fashion and digital technology worlds.

Her goal is to create models that charm for their design. She likes to combine simplicity with elegance, tradition with modernity, to get to know different cultures, mix colors, try materials, shapes and textures, to stay always in continuous learning.

You're invited to browse in this web site the image gallery for Claudia's jewels and shoes, and get to know her services and work.

Claudia Del Priore - Jewelry Designer - Authorized Rhino Trainer - VAT Number 07959420964 (Italy)