Since 2012, Cláudia Del Priore has been working in the field of 3D jewelry design.

Her mission is to provide affordable, high-quality courses in 3D modeling and excellent services for the jewelry sector.

In addition, she seeks to keep up to date with the latest trends in the world of fashion and digital technology.

You are invited to browse this site and learn about the courses and services offered by Cláudia Del Priore and her gallery of drawings and images.

3D Modelling Courses

The designer offers personal courses in English, through Google Meet and Skype platforms, in Jewelry 3D Modelling topics.

To complete the offer, there is also an introductory online video course on jewel design with Rhinoceros.


  • Exclusive jewelry 3d design
  • Development of jewelry collections by theme
  • Jewelry 3d Modeling from a sketch or drawing
  • Rendering
  • Animation videos
  • Consulting on rapid prototying, 3d printing and digital manufacturing

Jewel Collections

In this page you find my collections. Click below to discover them: