How to Create Jewels with Rhinoceros - Beginner

The course How to Create Jewels with Rhinoceros - Beginner level, will teach you how to harness the power of Rhinoceros to take your creativity to the next level! Learn how to create astonishing models for your jewelry in a simple yet powerful tool like Rhnoceros 3D. Enter into the flourishing 3D design market with your new skills.

The course contains 15 video lessons summing up 150 minutes of step-by-step videos to create jewel pieces while learning Rhino commands and concepts. You can watch the video lessons whenever you want, without limit, for two years after the purchase.

No previous experience or knowledge required, you need only a basic familiarity with computers.

If you want to check the video quality and have a general idea of how the lessons are, click here to watch lesson 12 for free.

This is your opportunity to start your pathway into digital jewelry design!

Watch the course presentation video:

Concepts presented in the course:

  • The Rhino interface: menu bar, command history window, command prompt, toolbars, standard bar, graphic area, views, status bar, osnap toolbar.
  • Main commands: selecting methods, copy, move, rotate, scale, bend, delete, hide and lock an object, views, start and save a file, undo, redo, layers, fillet curve and corners, and variable radius fillet, join, mirror, polar array, trim, split, cap planar holes, align, offset curve, extrude curve, extend curve, control point curve, pipe, torus, dimensions, sweep 1 rail, text object, boolean union, boolean difference, flow along curve, cage editing, etc.
  • Mouse usage.
  • How to access and use the guide (help).
  • 2-D Drawings: line, circle, arc, ellipse and polygon.
  • Modeling freeform curves using control points.
  • Modeling aids (object snaps): end, near, point, mid, cen(ter) and quad.
  • Analysis commands: length.
  • Background bitmap usage.
  • Create surfaces using sweep 1 rail.
  • Edit curves' control points.
  • Extrude Planar Curve Straight to create solids.
  • Boolean operations (union and difference).
  • Import and use a faceted stone.
  • Create bezel and prongs.
  • High and low relief.
  • Modeling 10 jewelry pieces: chain, pendants and rings.
€ 130