Jewelry Design 3D

3D jewellery modelling, performed with modern software, have transformed in many ways the jewel production market. Some of the advantages the digital technology provides are: to accurately analyze the jewel model from various perspectives, to create lighter - hence less costly - pieces even with complex features, to serve as a basis for rapid prototyping process and to generate, early on the product conception phase, realistic images through advanced rendering technology, simulating the end product with various types of metals and stones.

Claudia Del Priore creates her models with the Rhinoceros 3D model software and the Brazil plug-in for image rendering. To her, technology is not meant to replace the artist, but to assist on her creative work, improving her process of development and production, becoming indispensable to assure design and final product's quality.

Claudia Del Priore - Jewelry Designer - Authorized Rhino Trainer - Lausanne (Switzerland) - CHE 168.917.219