Jewelry Collections Development

The collections are created with Rhinoceros. On the conception phase all information is gathered from the customer about what kind of jewel is desired. For example: theme, measures, stone/gem types, targeted audience, style, etc. From that characteristics the pieces are developed, so that the customer can analyze a wide range of details before deciding the jewels that will be produced.

Using advanced rendering techniques it is possible to generate several images from the same design, by changing material (from gold to white gold, or silver), gem types and colors, etc. Also, from the 3D model one can calculate the physical properties (weight and volume) for the objects and then accurately estimate its value.

All that digitally produced material is also useful for the company to perform other tasks, for example: to take on market research/surveys, prepare promotional material, prototypes, etc. That way the company goes on with production and marketing in a safe and professional way. By contract, at the end of the service, all material produced is handed over to the client as well as its intellectual property rights.

Claudia Del Priore - Jewelry Designer - Authorized Rhino Trainer - Lausanne (Switzerland) - CHE 168.917.219