Italian Jewelry Designer

The Designer - Claudia Del Priore

Born in Brazil in 1973, Italian and Brazilian citizen, with a degree in Engineering from the "Universidade Estadual de Campinas", Claudia had an extended commercial and entrepreneurship experience in Brazil. Living in Italy since 2009, she has decided to study jewellery design, dedicating herself to this ancient and distinguished tradition, definitely changing the course of her career.

Having an international life experience, she visited several countries, always with a regard of curiosity and openness towards cultural diversity. This has determined her development of a refined, multi-ethnic style, up-to-date with international trends. She unites the technical knowledge from her education and the intense contact with the extraordinary and immemorial italian goldsmith tradition. The result can be seen on her creations: an authentic, precise and very professional design.

She studied "Jewel Design" during 2010-2011 in Vicenza on the "Scuola Orafa di Vicenza", where she learned the instruments for freehand design, styling techniques, gem setting and design for production specifications.

While creating her freehand designs, she made contact with the 3D technology. She started to self-study the various alternatives and in 2011 did a course of Rhinoceros at the Mohole school in Milan.

Claudia Del Priore - Jewelry Designer - Authorized Rhino Trainer - Lausanne (Switzerland) - CHE 168.917.219